AirPouch Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems

AirPouch applies the company’s expertise in engineering innovative bag protective products to provide high quality void-fill air pillow and protective packaging systems.

Their void-fill systems come in a variety of semi- to fully-automatic configurations that can include a range of integration options to optimize productivity and reduce costs in air pillow packing operations. Void-fill air pillows offer many advantages over traditional packing materials because they are cleaner, lighter, more user-friendly, and they increase product visibility over EPS peanuts and paper.

The AirPouch® Division also offers a reliable and user-friendly on-demand protective packaging system, the AirPouch FastWrap™. This advanced system produces filled bubbles and tubes used for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications. This unique material secures and cushions your products while in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. FastWrap is conveniently boxed, easy to handle, and dramatically reduces the storage requirements found with paper, foam and pre-filled bundle bubble materials.