Beacon Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper BSWA-70

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Beacon Model# BSWA-70

Increase productivity in the shipping department or at the end of a production line with the Beacon BSWA-70 Stretch Wrapper. This unit is complete with a 48″ diameter powered turntable and counter-balanced stretch film mast (turntable available in diameters up to 60″). Easy to operate, simply depress the foot pedal and manually move the mast up and down. Powered by a 115V, using a 90V DC, 1 2 HP motor with soft start/stop and variable speed control.

The Approach Ramp option allows the operator to load and unload the machine with a pallet jack. The Powered Mast option is available with a 24V hand control to work with those taller loads. When using, depress on either the up or down button to control the height of the film, while depressing on the foot control.

Capacities up to 5,000 lbs. Units come standard with two film rods, 15″ and 25″ to accommodate 10″ and 20″ material. Optional rods available.


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