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Maximize presentation and convenience, Cryovac® Shrink Film is the film of choice to package specialty baked goods such as muffins, cookies and cakes. When your product is displayed in Cryovac® film, shoppers can easily see the quality of the product without having to open the package.

Sealed Air’s broad selection, ensure appealing presentation, tamper resistance, unitized branding and customization.

Tamper Resistance
Excellent Presentation For Point Of Sale/Vending Products


Cryovac® SM570U – Hot Needle Performation

SM570U Hot Needle Perforated Shrink Film Protection With Permeabilitypicture of vegetables ready for cryovac packaging

Cryovac® SM570U is Sealed Airs newly released hot needle perforated shrink film. The permeability of the film optimizes respiration for optimal freshness of perishable fruits and vegetables. Enhanced air evacuation allows fresh baked goods, like crusty bread and donuts, to better maintain texture, taste, and presentation. This micro-perforated film is also ideal for processing certain durable goods, i.e., dying textile yarns and threads as well as packing and shipping can lids.

Cost Effective
Extremely Strong
Improved Sustainability


Cryovac® RD-45 / RD-106 – Anti Fog

RD-45 / RD-106 Shrink Film The Anti-Fog Filmpicture of vegetables wrapped in cryovac shrink

These films have been developed for food and cold chain solutions. Unique anti-fog properties are ideal for shrink wrapping and shipping fresh fruits, vegetables, and other applications requiring refrigerated presentation.

High gloss, clarity and sheen for presenting products at their best
Runs great on a wide assortment of equipment
Great for pre-washed fruits and vegetables
Helps retain product freshness and cleanliness


Cryovac® Xenith3

Xenith3 Shrink Film Low Temperature Without Compromising Strengthxenith3 product

Xenith3® is the result of breakthrough technology that combines low temperature shrink without compromising strength. It is easy to use, which means it seals easily, shrinks easily and runs well on a broad range of equipment systems. Its unmatched clarity, gloss and sheen ensure that products are clearly visible to consumers and its strength enables products to arrive at the store in the same condition that they are shipped. This toughness permits products to withstand the rigors of retail stocking and consumer handling, while maintaining strong visual appeal.

The strongest soft shrink film available
Exerts low shrink force against your product
Shrinks at significantly lower temperatures reducing energy costs
Extremely versatile – accommodating a broad array of equipment and applications
Has a very high percentage of “free shrink”
Unsurpassed elastic recovery
Is crystal clear with a high-gloss finish
Meets USPS mailer – flat requirements


Cryovac® D-940

D-940 soft shrink film allows you to package soft goods without the buckling and distortion that can turn shoppers off at the point of sale. Since this film conforms to odd shapes, it creates a beautiful package for hard-to-package products.

D-940 is ideal for shrink wrapping notebooks, school supplies, and printed or converted paper products. It is ideal for products packaged in lightweight chipboard trays or containers that normally buckle when wrapped with most shrink films. Low temperature shrink ability also allows wrapping of heat- sensitive products such as thermal paper tapes and vinyl products.

Very low shrink force
Wide operating window
Designed to run at speeds up to 10-90ppm
High free shrink at low temperatures


Cryovac® CT-501

The Softer Film – That’s Hard to Beat

CT-501 is a new finesse shrink film based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This revolutionary shrink film is perfect for wrapping irregular shaped products, contouring to the package like no other film and making wrinkles and “dog ears” magically disappear. In addition to being easy to use and softer shrinking, this “breakthrough” shrink film is versatile and forgiving across a wide range of equipment.

50-60 Gauge Performance in a 30 Gauge Film
Source Reduction and Improved Carbon Footprint
Operational Gains, i.e., Lower Tunnel Temperatures, Longer Rolls Mean Fewer Changeovers and Reduced Transportation Costs


Cryovac® LD-935 – All Purpose

LD-935 Shrink Film Heavyweight Performance with Lightweight Packaging

An ultra-thin cross-linked polyolefin shrink film that delivers heavyweight performance with reduced packaging cost. LD-935 is ideal for multi-packing bakery items, office supplies and other consumer goods that don’t need the bulk of heavier films.

Great optics and shrink characteristics deliver “second skin” package appearance
Long roll length reduces changeover downtime
Exceptional strength and capability in a thin film


Cryovac® D-955 – All Purpose and Tamper Resistant

D-955 Shrink Film Market Leading Film for Over 25 Years

D-955 is the most versatile and reliable shrink film on the market with the largest spectrum of applications. In addition to being the ideal film for unusually shaped objects and heavy products with

sharp edges, Cryovac® D-955 film is unmatched for multi-packing applications.

High performance impact, tensile and trim seal strength

Retail ready clarity and gloss
Seals well on thermal, trim and electrostatic systems
Wide range of thickness available (52g – 150g) to accommodate various application requirements


Cryovac® CT-301 – All Purpose and Tamper Resistant

CT-301 Shrink Film The Light Weight Film with Heavy Weight Performance

CT-301 is a high performance shrink film based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This shrink film has no trouble “standing up to” the performance of other films with twice the thickness. With proven versatility across a broad range of shrink equipment, this powerful shrink film provides enhanced seal strength, increased durability and retail-ready optics and clarity.

  • 50-60 Gauge Performance in a 30 Gauge Film
  • Source Reduction and Improved Carbon Footprint
  • Operational Gains, i.e., Lower Tunnel Temperatures, Longer Rolls Mean Fewer Changeovers and Reduced Transportation Costs



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