Cryovac® GT1 Shrink-Sleeve Labels

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Shrink Sleeve Lables

GT1 is a multi-layer, full-body shrink sleeve film that delivers unprecedented package appearance for primary or multi-pack labels. The unique combination of materials provides vibrant, distortion-free graphics and shelf appeal for even the most demanding of applications.

  • 25% Greater Yield Than Most Mono-layer Sleeves
  • Source Reduction
  • Unmatched Aesthetics, i.e., “Smiles” and “Frowns” Eliminated, Exceptional Printability
  • Softer Film Minimizes Cracking and Crinkling – Ideal for Squeeze Applications


Cryovac® GT1 Shrink Sleeve Labels offer a unique combination of coextruded materials in a balanced structure delivering consistent, exceptional label performance.

  • Provides low temperature shrink initiation and shrinks aggressively, allowing labeling of contoured containers requiring high shrink.
  • Hybrid structure ensures that graphics appear their best in the most challenging applications.
  • Film does not crinkle or make noise when applied to a squeeze application or multi-pack bundle.
  • Smooth and soft texture when handled by end-user.
  • Up to 20% yield improvement vs. traditional mono-layer film




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