Fill Air Rocket by Sealed Air

Innovative cross seal identification sensors enable the Fill-Air Rocket™ system to stop and start automatically on a cross seal every time. This feature optimizes bag fill for consistent protective performance.

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Fill Air Rocket Machine By Sealed Air

The Fill-Air Rocket™ operates at speeds up to 100 feet of film per minute and possesses a quick start feature that instantaneously begins producing bags. The instant start mechanism effectively triples bag production during the first 20 seconds of operation versus the Fill-Air Cyclone® system and in some cases eliminates the need for void-fill accumulation.


“The Fill-Air Rocket™ system reflects Sealed Air’s commitment to providing solutions that meet customers’ needs for packaging that enhances operational performance and ensures product protection,” said David Weiss, business manager, Fill-Air® inflatables at Sealed Air. “The system is packed with advanced technology that enables precise and consistent sealing. This is by far the most important factor in determining air pillow performance and ensuring the product is protected from the time it leaves the warehouse until it arrives on the consumer’s doorstep.”

Smaller and lighter than previous systems, the Fill-Air Rocket™ system is easy to install in a variety of packaging line configurations. Additionally, customers seeking to reduce operational noise levels and improve conditions for staff can benefit from the system’s “quiet mode” option. In this operating mode, the Fill-Air Rocket™ system continues to inflate material at an impressive 65 feet per minute rate.

Not only is there unparalleled production speed, the system incorporates a host of performance enhancing features that can add efficiency to customers’ packaging operations. Innovative cross seal identification sensors enable the Fill-Air Rocket™ system to stop and start automatically on a cross seal every time. This feature optimizes bag fill for consistent protective performance. An enhanced inflation nozzle makes it easier to load film, and an automated edge alignment system eliminates the need for manual adjustment. As a result, the system produces more consistent cushions throughout the production cycle. A new spring-loaded tension control keeps the appropriate amount of tension on the film to ensure even inflation throughout the roll.

Compatible with 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch film widths and lengths of 5 inches and 8 inches, the Fill-Air Rocket™ system is designed for use with Sealed Air’s Fill-Air Extreme® and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency® inflatable void-fill film.

The Fill-Air Rocket™ system is rooted in Sealed Air’s SmartLife™ approach to sustainability, which considers environmental impact in view of the full life cycles of both the packaging materials and the products they protect. By enhancing fill consistency and seal quality, fewer bags are necessary to adequately protect products being shipped. In addition, Fill-Air® films compatible with the system provide considerable sustainability benefits. Fill-Air Extreme® film offers a 25 percent carbon footprint compared to previous generation materials, and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency® further reduces carbon footprint by 37 percent compared to Fill-Air Extreme® film. Also, under an agreement with the Green Blue Coalition, Sealed Air can print the URL on all our Fill-Air Extreme® film products. This site directs customers to store locations in their area that will collect the film and send it to be recycled.

Video Transcript

Today the name of the packaging game is execution. The faster you can get your products to your customers with the right protection the better your competitive edge. That’s why seal air engineered the fill air rocket inflatable void fill system. Designed from the ground up the fill air rocket delivers reliable air cushions at the blistering rate 100 feet per minute. From the instant its turned on a quick start feature triples cushion production during the first 20 seconds.  No lag time and no warm up. Why is instantaneous bag production so important? It allows you to ship more products and improve production rates in high-throughput centralized packaging operations. With more and more packaging operations moving to decentralize work cells where space is at a premium, the small size of the rocket and the Quick Start feature coupled with its speed can eliminate the need for overhead delivery systems. Innovative cross seal identification, tension control and automated web control features enable the fill air rocket to consistently start and stop at a predetermined location. This provides consistent tension of the film roll and precisely guides the film edge over the air nozzle, insuring that the last bag and subsequent bags produced have the same amount of air. Ensuring consistent product protection.  The rocket system is simple to operate and adapts easily to a variety of packaging operations. If your work environment is a quiet office type atmosphere there’s a quiet mode option at activated with a touch of a button. Additionally on board ambient temperature sensing technology insures that the edge seal assembly is working within its intended and ideal temperature range while maintaining the integrity of each and every void fill bag. The rocket uses Sealed Air’s ultra tough extreme and extreme efficiency films available in 8, 10 and 12 inch widths with blanks at five and eight inches. The fill air rocket void fill system is also ecologically smart with its consistent inflation and industry-leading patented Seal Technology. Fewer bags are needed to protect your products plus fill air films are designed for sustainability with the industry’s lowest carbon footprint. The how to recycle died info logo is printed on all cushions informing your customers about easy recycling options and where store drop locations are in their area. Meet your need for speed and execution with the fill air rocket inflatable void fill system.


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  1. Jeff - Shipping and Logistics

    January 21, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    We are looking for an alternative to our peanut packaging. The peanuts take up way to much critical space and the Fill Air Rocket looks to be the solution to that problem. Can you provide addition pricing and plastic refill cost along with individual shipping fees. we will. We will need to know how fast refills can be provided.
    Thanks in advance for your urgent response!

    Shipping and Logistics
    Specialty Pharmacy Company
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