FillPak SL ( StreamLine ) Machine Video Released

The ability to run different basis weight papers give the packers the flexibility to choose the best material for their packing needs. The Fillpak SL is typically used in high-volume industries such as e-commerce, computer hardware and software, and publishing.

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Fillpak SL machine features standard size fillpak paper

Ranpak has released a new machine video called Fillpak SL.  This streamline void fill system looks much like the Fillpak TT with Cut Mechanism.  It converts standard size FillPak Paper, and runs at a speed of 55 inches per second.

Packer filling void fill into box using a FillPak SL


FillPak SL Features:

Video Transcript:
Ranpak, world leader in paper packaging. Innovative, green simple.  Fillpak the fastest solution for void fill.

The Fillpak Streamline void fill system converts one layer of kraft paper into a high-volume star shaped configurationFillpak SL machine shown filling a box in a packaging line that is used as a cost-effective filling material.  It prevents products from shifting during shipment eliminating the risk of damage upon arrival.

Fillpak fanfold paper bundles offer easy handling for the user with minimal time for machine loading and requires less space for storage and transport.

An adhesive strip on each bundle allows up to five packs of paper to be affixed together decreasing handling time for machine loading an operation. The Fillpak SL operates at a maximum speed of 55 inches per second. Allowing the operator to fill packages quickly and effectively while maintaining their sole focus on the filling process. Control options such as foot pedal and EDS mode allows the operator to fill each box with the convenient and consistent flow of paper. In environments where boxes are filled with consistent lengths, the Fillpak SL system can be preset providing efficient material usage and reducing overfill.

The Fillpak SL small footprint and compact filling head makes it easy to integrate into any packing environment.fillpak sl height and tilt can be adjusted  for best positioning Designed with height and head tilt adjustments the Fillpak SL can be tailored to best fit any operator allowing for a comfortable and productive pack station environment.

Paper is dispensed directly at the point of operation improving the efficiency of the packing process and optimizing the packers work pace.  The Fillpak SL is equipped with an automatic cut mechanism eliminating manual tearing of paper and providing the operator with additional comfort. The Fillpak SL has been created with ease of use in mind.


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