Highlight Synergy™ 5 Conveyor Fully Automatic Stretch Film Wrapper

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Synergy 5 Stretch Wrapper with Conveyor

Highlight Industry’s Synergy™ 5 Conveyor Automatic is the industry standard for conveyorized turntable stretch wrap systems!  Infinitely adjustable Dual Power Hydro-Stretch® allows ultimate stretch film control with maximum load security.

State-of-the-art touch screen controls provide reliable operation, as well as diagnostic indicators for troubleshooting.

Highlight-built conveyors ensure heavy duty capacity, long life, and fast, smooth conveying for high production rates.

Highlight’s Synergy™ 5 Turntable Stretch wrap system is designed for maximum productivity and minimum maintenance using Allen-Bradley PLCs and off-the-shelf components. The Synergy 5 offers complete control over every aspect of your stretch wrapping needs!

Wrapper with Film Fingers and Slitting System

Production Capacity
  • 50–60 loads per hour
  • 48″ wide x 50″ long maximum
  • 38″ wide x 38″ long minimum
  • 20″–72″ standard wrap height
  • 52″ effective width
  • 60″ length
  • Powered turntable transition rollers
  • 3¾” roller centers
  • 2½” diameter rollers
  • Every roller driven

Wrapper with a slitter using black stretch film

Synergy 5 Module
  • Dual Power Hydro-Stretch®
  • Film Stretch: Infinitely adjustable from 0% to film’s maximum
  • Independently adjustable film force
  • Film clamps
  • Film wipe down arm and Teflon® coated hot cut bar
  • 20″ film capacity x 10″ diameter
  • 37″ diameter ring gear table drive
  • 84″ diameter turntable
  • Individual top and bottom wrap counters
Electrical & Air
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Air: 80 psi, 3 cfm
  • Electrical: 240/480 volt, 3 phase, 15 amp
  • “Off-the-shelf” components

Custom Synergy 5 Wrapping Solutions

 This high speed coil wrapper roper is engineered wrap coils of steel and aluminum to a pallet 

This custom solution was a foam and film wrapper for cabinets

This wrapper is using a net to secure boxes to the pallet

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