Individualized Shrink Wrapping Solution for Bakery Owner

A manufacturer of frozen meat pies needed to increase production of its individualized shrink wrapping operation to meet increased demand. Production requirements had recently increased from 400 pies a day to 3,500 per day.

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Their existing all-in-one system could not maintain consistent shrink wrapping quality and only produced 1-2 pies per minute. They had difficulty receiving consistently good seals and appealing packages.

The customer is a small town bakery with a rapidly expanding market. They were looking for a solution that would meet the increased production demand, consistently deliver a high quality package, and was easy to operate.

Plexpack provided a Maxipak MP-2 complete shrink packaging system. It includes an integrated L Bar Sealer and shrink wrapping of individual baking foods using damark machineShrink Tunnel. The MP-2 includes a standard heavy-gauge welded steel body and legs. Standard features include a 14 x 18” seal area, an electromagnetic seal jaw hold down, a 16” wide by 9” tall tunnel opening, a variable speed Teflon mesh belt conveyor, film perforator roller for vent holes, electronic temperature control on shrink tunnel, and top, side and bottom heat vents.

Individualized Shrink Wrapping Solution Results:

A full day of packaging pies was reduced to 4 hours. The customer cut labor costs in half, while improving the quality and consistency of its product packaging. The customer was surprised and pleased at the significant production increase, ease of use, and quick return on investment.

Plexpack Corp. delivers flexible packaging machinery solutions and certain results for customers worldwide. Our Emplex Bag & Pouch Sealing and Damark Shrinkwrap & Bundling Systems are customizable, made-to-order with your unique needs, reputation and budget in mind. Modular and innovative designs are easy to install, maintain, and expand. They provide line and product flexibility, and ensure your packaging operations perform to the highest standards—yours.


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