NewAir IB 200 Inflatable Packaging Machine

Barrier Bubble® Technology

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NewAir IB 200 by Sealed Air

A Revolutionary, Cost-Efficient Inflatable Cushioning Solution

The Difference Is In The Barrier Bubble® Technology
The NewAir I.B.™ 200 packaging system automatically inflates and dispenses 3/4” height patented Barrier Bubble® cushioning material.

The Sealed Air® proprietary film technology retains air longer than non-barrier polyethylene air cellular materials and out-performs other materials for cushioning and overall packaging protection.

Unmatched Cushioning Properties
Designed to withstand the rigors of today’s global shipping environments, NewAir I.B.™ inflatable cushioning material maintains its excellent cushioning properties throughout the entire shipping cycle.
It provides superior protection compared to paper by retaining over 95% of its original thickness* and absorbing 60% more of the transmitted shock after three drops from 30 inches.

Cost Effective, Saves Space
Increase your productivity, free up valuable warehouse space and cut your costs with a NewAir I.B.™ 200 system. Make the equivalent of a tractor-trailer load of traditional air cellular materials with just 32 rolls of our 1500’ film!

All Electric, Fast And Flexible
The NewAir I.B.™ 200 system dispenses 21 square feet (1.3 cubic feet) of inflatable cushioning per minute. Powered by a standard 110-volt outlet, with no shop air requirement, the system is completely portable.

A dedicated operator is not required. Just plug it in, power it up, load a roll of film and let it run. An auto-replenishment sensor keeps the portable bin filled for on-demand packaging.


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  1. George

    December 17, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    We have 3 IB200 that are in need of replacement parts where do I find this information. I.E. a list of parts and where to order them from.

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