Sealed Air’s PadEZ Paper System Makes Packing Easy

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Seems Sealed Air has a new paper packaging machine, the PadEZ.  A machine video was released and it features push button operation, foot petal, batch mode, smart station control pad and more.  All using the PackTiger paper.


PadEZ Features:

Video TranscriptPadEZ machine by sealed air

All of these products need to get out the door today, different sizes, different shapes. You need an easy way to get the perfect amount of material and optimize your package. You need an easy way to prevent damage.  You need an experience that will keep your customers happy on the other end. You need an EZ paper cushioning system.

Engineered with groundbreaking new features Sealed Air has re-imagined paper packaging optimizing cube size is easy as you can control pad dispensing to deliver the perfect amount of material every time. Eliminating waste.PadEZ machine batch processing paper Push button operation lets you manually control the flow of material to your precise need. An optional foot pedal is also available increase your fulfillment velocity by using automated settings such as batch mode. Too quickly accumulate same sized cushions. Or use the smart station control pad, to produce a heads of various preset quantities and lengths and a ready to go kit. For online use the system will automatically dispense pads or the cut and hold electronic dispensing system will pause pad production until you’re ready for the next one.

Damage reduction has never been more attainable. As the PadEZ supports multiple packaging techniques including coiling cushioning and blocking and bracing. Running material is the easiest in the industry our auto loading technology. While the operator’s hands remain safely outside the system, special sensors jog the material into position. Guaranteeing a hands-free perfect alignment every time. And multiplePadEZ packer loading paper into machine basis weights are available to run without any system adjustments. Giving you added cushioning when you need it. All of these features self-reduce damage, optimize cubes size, and help fulfill orders faster.  The final step is making sure your customer has an excellent experience.

Our Tigerpad paper material is sourced from pre- and post-consumer recycled paper and manufactured in SFI certified paper mills. Its 100% recycled paper every time. Your customers item arrives as intended and the paper material can easily be recycled curb side. Easy to position, Easy to load, Easy to operate Easy to pack.  The PadEZ paper cushioning system. The ez paper system you’d expect from Sealed Air.



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