PolyAir Protective Packaging

Polyair is an industry leader in the North American protective packaging market. They offer a full product line-up of bubble, foam, mailers, insulation and integrated packaging systems, including their innovative AirSpace air pillow machines. They take great pride in all their products and challenge anyone to compete with their quality. www.polyair.com

  • Ecolite White Mailers with Hot Melt Self Seal Closure

    Ecolite White with Hot Melt Self Seal Closure

    Ecolite White bubble mailers are lightweight, one third the weight of macerated mailers. Ecolite White is ideal for high-end custom printing. The mailer also...

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  • Ecolite Bubble Mailers


    Ecolite bubble mailers provide outstanding low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products. The mailers are made from golden kraft paper with a 1/8″...

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  • PolyAir Starkraft Foam Sheets

    Starkraft Foam with Kraft Paper Laminate

    Starkraft Laminate is made from a layer of 40 lb. kraft paper laminated to a layer of 1/16″ Starfoam foam packaging. The kraft paper...

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  • PolyAir Starfoam Roll Stock

    Starfoam Roll Stock – Standard and Anti-Static Rolls

    Advanced manufacturing technology makes Starfoam highly resistant to punctures, tears and impact. Made from low-density polyethylene, Starfoam provides excellent surface protection and cushioning for...

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  • PolyAir Durakraft Kraft paper laminate

    Durakraft Durabubble RP Kraft Paper Laminate

    Durakraft Laminate consists of a layer of 40 lb. kraft paper laminated to 3/16″, 5/16” or ½” Durabubble RP. The kraft paper absorbs moisture,...

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  • PolyAir Durabond Durabubble packaging

    Durabond Cohesive Durabubble

    Durabond cohesive bonds easily to itself and not to the product being packaged. Durabond can be formed into an air tight pouch resistant to...

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  • Endurabubble by PolyAir Packaging

    Endurabubble Durabubble Polyethylene Laminated

    Endurabubble Tri-web consists of Durabubble RP with a sheet of polyethylene laminated to the top of the bubble. The result is a very strong...

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  • PolyAir Handi Pak Bubble Packaging

    Durabubble Handi-Pak Bubble Dispenser

    Handi-Pak is a convenient bubble dispenser designed for ease of use and ideal for low to moderate shipping requirements, retail markets and home applications....

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  • DurabubbleRP Roll Stock

    Durabubble RP Roll Stock

    Durabubble RP has been engineered to stretch up to 10 times its original size. This unique feature provides Durabubble RP an unmatched ability to...

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  • bubblebox box a bubble wrapping rolls

    PolyAir: Box-a-Bubble Perforated for Tear Off Sheets

    Box a Bubble is an octagonal shaped carton containing a 4 foot wide roll of bubble packaging that is sized to be shipped via...

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  • PolyAir Airspace G4 Machine

    AirSpace G4 Air Cushion Machine and Film by PolyAir

    The AirSpace G4 air cushion packaging machine delivers flexibility and performance. The lightweight machine, has the speed to keep up with the most demanding packing...

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  • PolyAir Vision Foam In Place

    Vision Foam In Place System

    Vision’s Foam in Place eco-sensitive delivery system is today’s smartest solution. Their vision is clear – create more than just a foam delivery system. Build...

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