Sealed Air Korrvu Hybrid Packaging

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Korrvu Hybrid Packaging

Introducing Korrvu® Hybrid™ packaging from Sealed Air, the next evolution in the unique Korrvu® packaging family.

The new design combines the benefits of both suspension and retention packaging into one new hybrid design. Korrvu® Hybrid™ suspends the product away from potential impact areas, like Korrvu® suspension, while securing the product firmly in place, like a Korrvu® retention package.

Provides the opportunity for source reduction, is curbside recyclable and contains more than 30% recovered paper

Stores flat to reduce transportation and storage requirements

Available in a standard size #10 or Sealed Air can create custom sizes to fit specific applications

How it Works!

The secret to the strength of the Korrvu® Hybrid™ package is its one-piece design and construction. Shipped flat, the package “pops up” to create a rigid frame with two layers of elastomeric film.
When the side flaps of the frame are folded up, the top layer of film is loosened, allowing the packager to insert the product. When the flaps are folded down, the film tightens around the product, suspending it securely in place.
Korrvu® Hybrid™ Packaging Applications The Perfect Fit
Korrvu® Hybrid™ works especially well with low-profile items that can benefit from surface protection as well as a retention-type hold. Korrvu® Hybrid™ is also ideal for products that would benefit from an enhanced pack presentation.
Possible applications include:
• Cell phones
• Small electronics (MP3 players, PDAs, camcorders, etc.)
• Printed circuit boards and other electronic components


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