Sealed Air Korrvu Rentetion Packaging

Korrvu Rentetion

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Korrvu Retention Packaging

Provides excellent protection for a wide range of products that require protection from shock during shipping, handling and transportation cycles. Korrvu® retention packaging holds your product securely within its proprietary retention frame.

Korrvu® retention packaging uses elastomeric film to safely entrap the product while providing excellent visibility and product display.

Korrvu® retention packaging is a versatile, economic alternative to traditionalpackaging.

Korrvu® compression packaging provides simple, fast and cost-effective blockingand bracing protection. Suitable for a wide range of products and applications, it also serves double duty as an attractive shipper and protective product display.

How It Works

1. The side flaps fold upward, loosening the film and forming an insertion pocket for easy product loading.

2. The side flaps are folded down to tighten the retention film and hold the productsecurely in place.

3. The finished package is easily inserted into the carton and is ready for shipment.


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