Storopack Acquires StarchTech

If you are looking to get a StarchTech packing peanut system it may be to late. Storopacks acquisition leaves some to wonder where they can get a machine.

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If you go to any of StarchTechs websites you will see the following:

Storopack buys out StarchTech

StarchTech sold systems to larger users of peanuts to be made on site along with the peanuts themselves.  I have not been able to find any chatter on social media about this acquisition.

I was able to contact Storopack and asked if they would continue selling the systems or only sell the packing peanuts.  I was told they would only be offering the loose fill.

It does leave you to question if the systems would be placed and not sold if usage requirements are met, like many of their other protective packaging systems.

There is a PackExpo coming up in Chicago.  Make sure you stop by Storopacks booth to find out more.


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