Storopack AirPlus Air Cushion Machines

Using a compact and energy efficient air bag machine such as Storopack’s AIRplus®, a shipper can create up to 40 fpm of packaging material and pack the cartons very quickly.

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storopack airplus excel machine

AIRplus® inflatable packaging machines from Storopack are easily tailored to individual requirements, providing the perfect solution that integrates effortlessly into any packaging line. Fast, compact, and portable, AIRplus® is reliable and extremely easy to operate. Their small footprint and large production capacities ensure that they fit easily into any packaging environment‚ regardless of volumes.

AIRplus from Storopack offers quality machines that create versatile air-filled film packing materials. AIRplus® films combine reliable protection and multiple uses with cost-saving features and sustainability for the ideal in-the-box packaging products. Their lightweight properties lower shipping costs, and because you’re creating the inflated packing materials on-demand they require minimal storage space and handling in your facility. Using AIRplus®, your packaging will be consistent and controlled. You’ll appreciate the low labor requirements and ease of production as well as its clean, dust-free characteristics.

Portable, small footprint

  • Run any size AIRplus® Square Bag packaging material on any AIRplus® machine
  • Completely programmable for speed and air fill
  • Easy to load and operate
  • Stand or tabletop operation
  • Among the most reliably built air machines in the industry
  • Integrates easily into single or multiple packing stations
  • Multiple accessories and options for even more efficiencies


AIRplus® Excel air cushion packaging machine is a hard-working machine with versatile features. Easily integrated almost anywhere in your packing environment, Excel can be placed on a tabletop or used on a stand that will hold up to three rolls of film for non-stop production.

Footprint: 18″W x 15″D x 22″H
45 fpm
Pillows/Min.:  (regardless of width)
(±) 135 – 4″ pillows
(±) 65 – 8″ pillows
(±) 45 – 12″ pillows
Power Supply: 120 volt – 2 amps
Air Supply: Ambient


When space is at a premium the AIRplus® Mini air cushion packaging machine fits right in. Small, yet highly productive the AIRplus® Mini  packaging machine saves valuable storage and handling space used on a tabletop or a stand.

AIRplus® Mini is a very quiet and compact machine that weighs only 20 lbs. It features a built-in calibrated heat-sealing unit that provides an automatic, consistent seal of air bags. The AIRplus® Mini’s small size combined with easy loading and now doubled speed make it an extremely productive addition to any packaging environment.

Footprint: 19″W x 19″D x 16″H
40 fpm
Pillows/Min.: (regardless of width)
60 – 4″ pillows
40 – 6″ pillows

20 – 12″ pillows
Power Supply: 120 volt – 2 amps
Air Supply: Ambient


AIRplus® GTI air cushioning machine is hi-tech simplicity at its best. Offering convenient features combined with a processing speed of up to 75 fpm, AIRplus GTI  is a reliable packaging machine that will deliver outstanding production and cost benefits to any packing environment.

The AIRplus® GTI VS can run any AIRplus® air bags up to 8″ wide
AIRplus® GTI VL runs wider films including our popular AIRplus® cushion film. GTI offers the versatility to meet nearly any packing application need including void fill, wrapping, block and brace, or cushioning. In addition, the flexibility to produce your in-the-box packaging materials quickly and on-demand saves cost on production, storage and logistics.

GTI VS: 20.5″ W x 13.5″ H x 15.75″ D
GTI VL: 20.5″ W x 21.5″ H x 15.75″ D
Weight: 33 lb.
Speed: 75 fpm
Power: 120 V
Air Supply: Ambient

AIRplus® Inflatable Packaging optional accessories are designed to enhance throughput, convenience and flexibility of AIRplus® systems.

AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler

The AIRplus® Cushion Packaging Film Coiler allows you to create large rolls of Cushion Film on-demand for distribution to the packing area as needed. This reduces supply handling and eliminates the requirements for storage of large rolls of protective bubble product.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Speed: Based on output speed of AIRplus® machine in use)
Styles: Table mount or floor stand

AIRplus® Auto Feed

Developed for high-speed inline packing, the AIRplus® Auto Feed attachment automatically maintains a supply of air pillows and Cushion Film ready for fast and easy packing by the operator. The ergonomic design fits over the packing line to reduce touches and handling time. This convenient attachment works with all Storopack AIRplus® products.
Size: 72″H x 30″W x 48″D
Weight: 185 lbs.
Speed: Up to 45 fpm (based on output speed of AIRplus® machine in use)
Power: 120v (machine), 24v (Auto Feed)

AIRplus® Bag Separator

The AIRplus® Bag Separator conveniently separates air cushions into single bags or in strips of pre-determined lengths for optimal application. In addition, providing packers pre-separated air bags means fewer touches of bags during packing—resulting in less worker fatigue and faster production.
Size: 32″H x 20″W x 15″D
Weight: 74 lbs.
Speed: 18 fpm
Power: 120v

AIRplus® IDS (Intelligent Delivery System)

The AIRplus® IDS works with the AIRplus® Bag Separator. As bags are separated they’re fed into overhead hoppers then dispensed at the work station for fast and easy application by the packer. With the IDS, one AIRplus® inflatable packaging machine with a Bag Separator can deliver bags to a single work station or help you maximize your packing capability by delivering bags to multiple work stations.

AIRplus® Excelerator

A built-in photoeye continually checks bag accumulation and automatically initiates AIRplus® production when inventory drops below a certain level.

AIRplus® EXCEL Stand

The AIRplus® Excel stand puts the machine at worker height. Also available are stands that hold multiple film rolls and automatically advance to the next roll when empty to reduce downtime.

AIRplus® MINI Stand

Clear the work area by moving the AIRplus® Mini up off the tabletop with this convenient stand.


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