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Storopack offers flexible protective packaging systems encompassing air cushions (AIRplus®), paper pads (PAPERplus®), PU-foam-in-place systems (FOAMplus®) and Loose Fill (PELASPAN® and PELASPAN® BIO) packaging materials. It supplies demand-driven equipment solutions covering everything from single workstations through to the design and implementation of packaging lines integrated into a company’s intralogistics and equipped with manual, semi- and fully automated infeed systems.

  • Storopack buys out StarchTech

    Storopack Acquires StarchTech

    If you are looking to get a StarchTech packing peanut system it may be to late. Storopacks acquisition leaves some to wonder where...

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  • Storopack's logo

    STOROpack: My Packness Site Redirected to

    STOROpack has taken down their website, redirected it to and discontinued one of its products.

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  • Foamplus bagpacker2 improved performance

    STOROpack: FOAMplus Bagpacker² Has Improved Capabilities

    The FOAMplus Bagpacker² is an enhanced version of the FOAMplus Bagpacker. Storopack has replaced the hydraulics unit with a modern electric drive. The new...

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  • PAPERplus Papillion by Storopack New Paper System

    Storopack: PAPERplus® Papillon Creates Lightweight Pads with Spring Effect

    Storopack introduces a new machine that creates padding to protect small and medium-sized parcels: PAPERplus® Papillon. Papillon transforms two 20 cm wide (8”) layers of...

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  • Protective Packaging Paper Machine - Chevron

    Chevron Protective Packaging Proves the Right Choice For American Wholesaler

    Watch how Storopack takes Baker & Taylor ( a Wholesaler of Books, Videos and More ) through the process of identifying key areas for improvements such...

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  • Harley Davidson Parts Distribution Center

    A Look Into A Harley-Davidson Distribution Center

    Here is a look at the packaging line at Custom Chrome Europe.  Custom Chrome is a leader of accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and custom...

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  • Automated Loose fill Integration by Storopack

    Loose Fill Automated Integration by Storopack

    From simple dispensers with hoppers to sophisticated fully automated pneumatic systems, Storopack can engineer a delivery system specifically for your packing needs and environment....

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  • More Choices of Bubble Packaging Sizes

    More Size Choices of Airplus® Bubble

    Storopack has announced they now have some new film for their AIRplus® Bubble material.  There’s the standard width 400mm, a larger width 700mm and a...

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  • AIRplus GTI from Storopack

    AIRplus GTI XL Machine by Storopack at the CeMAT Fair

    Storopack is introducing the AIRplus® GTI XL machine. The machine is suitable, for example, for on-demand production of AIRplus® Bubble air-cushion film in a width of 700...

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  • FOAMmove Expanding Foam

    FOAMmove Expanding Foam Packing Material by Storopack

    Convenient and fast protective packaging with no start-up costs. Efficiently and economically protects products of almost any size, shape and weight. Customer Satisfaction. Items arrive safely and securely with...

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  • PAPERplus Chevron2 Faster Void Filler

    PAPERplus® Chevron Produces Paper Padding Even Faster

    Now PAPERplus® Chevron produces paper padding even faster to further improve the packing production. Storopack has enhanced the operating speed of the next generation...

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  • StoroPack Pelaspan Peanuts

    PELASPAN PAC® Loose-Fill by Storopack

    Safe and efficient, PELASPAN PAC® loose-fill is a high-performance, flowable cushioning material that can be used to protect any product. Reliably filling the space...

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  • FOAMplus Mini Foam In Bag Packaging System

    FOAMplus® Mini System by STOROpack

    FOAMplus® Mini Foam-in-Bag System is a complete stand alone workstation. It requires very little space and can be operated on a table in your Shipping Department. With...

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  • Airplus void fill bags

    AIRplus Air Cushion Material by Storopack

    AIRPLUS® AIR-BAG PROTECTION The AIRplus® air cushion packaging conforms to the weight and shape of an object, supporting and cushioning against vibration and shock, making...

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  • Bar Code Reader Foamplus packaging system

    Storopack Service Software Adds Barcoding Feature to Packaging System

    A new service software product launched for use with the foam padding system FOAMplus®  from Storopack allows selection of the right bag size and...

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  • storopack airplus excel machine

    Storopack AirPlus Air Cushion Machines

    AIRplus® inflatable packaging machines from Storopack are easily tailored to individual requirements, providing the perfect solution that integrates effortlessly into any packaging line. Fast,...

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  • Storopack paperplus shooter void fill machine

    Storopack PAPERplus Shooter Void Filler Machine

    a bulkier paper cushion for a more effective void-fill and greater yield from one-ply paper

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  • Foamplus Handpacker by Storopack

    Storopack FOAMplus HANDPACKER Equipment

    The FOAMplus® Handpacker foam in place system is manually operated, with a fully electronic microprocessor control to maintain consistent quality. Its performance capability makes...

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