Wipeout Battle in Celebration of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Marketing of a industrial product to the masses can be tough. Dude Perfect does it with bubble wrap having well over 7 million YouTube views in 3 months!

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Lets face it. This product is a little easier to connect with a wide range of people, but these guys did a great job with bubble wrap.  Filmed at Sealed Air’s headquarters in North Carolina, it’s created in a Wipeout game style of battles consisting of jousting, scooter racing and paintball.Bubble Wrap Battle with Bubble Wrap

Dude Perfect‘s YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers and has posted almost 140 videos of 5 guys having fun.

If you do a Google search of “bubble wrap battle” its displayed right on top in a huge player type view.

Google Search Bubble Wrap Battle

They also made some extra footage (below) promoting the camera they used.


Makes me want to get in on some of this bubble popping action!

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