AirSpeed Axis Machine and HLX Void Fill by Pregis

Pregis’ proprietary technology now makes it possible to produce several different inflatable pillow patterns on one machine to accommodate wrapping and void fill requirements.

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AirSpeed Axis Machine by Pregis

The AirSpeed® Axis™ machine is coupled with the new line of AirSpeed® HLX™ hybrid low-density polyethylene void-fill pillows to create the perfect crossover solution for void fill and wrapping applications.

The AirSpeed Axis system:

  • Produces AirSpeed HLX hybrid wrappable void fill pillows as well as traditional void fill pillows
  • Is ideal for high-volume distribution center operations and other locations that package products with varying height /weight profiles
  • Allows users to easily switch from one pillow pattern to another with a quick roll changeover
  • Minimizes training requirements as users only need to be trained on one machine, instead of multiple systems
  • Supported by Pregis’ proprietary PX3 field service platform
  • Creates void fill from HLX™, EP-Flex™ or standard film


AirSpeed HLX hybrid void fill pillow patterns feature channels which allow them to bend and curve around products or edges to fill small, medium or large voids. Couple HLX ™ hybrid void fill with the AirSpeed Axis machine to create the perfect crossover solution.

The AirSpeed HLX hybrid void fill patterns include:

  • HLX Trio—Features three cushions per row. The HLX Trio pattern is ideal for smaller voids and reducing dimension weight.
  • HLX Small Cradle—A quilted design cradles the product forming a protective cushion for small items and voids.
  • HLX Large Cradle—A quilted design provides cradling for bigger items and voids.
  • HLX High Yield—Two, larger connected pillows offer higher roll yield to fill bigger void spaces. Great option for top filling a box!

AirSpeed HLX hybrid void fill pillows are a great solution for customers looking for a cost effective and environmentally responsible packaging solution.

  • Lightweight packaging medium to reduce freight cost
  • Produced using Pregis’ proven EP-Flex film. Provides excellent tensile strength and resists puncturing by stretching when pressure is applied
  • Environmentally responsible: Recyclable as a category #4 (where accepted)
  • Bulk pack options to eliminate cartons and reduce the amount of pallets and cores used


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