Consumer Electronics Company Saves On Shipping Costs with StarchTech’s EcoSystem Packaging Solution

Cost savings the first year were enough to pay for the extruder and installation. Not only are they much ‘greener’ with their packaging, they are doing it with a significant annual savings.

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Make Packing Peanuts On Site

Crutchfield, one of the nation’s leading catalog and internet retailer of consumer electronics, sought to improve economics and efficiency in their fulfillment processes. Extending their company-wide commitment to environmentally friendly practices to Crutchfield’s Distribution Center in Charlottesville, VA was also of primary concern for customer satisfaction purposes.

Crutchfield’s leading edge approach to business brought them to StarchTech, Inc. for a revolutionary solution to their businessSmart Phone, Camera,TV Electronic Distribution Center Packing Peanut Solution situation. StarchTech, a Minnesota based developer of eco friendly packaging materials, provided an on-site packaging production system allowing Crutchfield to convert a small pellet into a finished, environmentally friendly packaging product. These biodegradable packing peanuts are easily disposed of by running warm water over them or by composting, simplifying disposal for Crutchfield customers.

In addition, shipping one trailer load of pellets is equivalent to 20+ trailer loads of finished material, resulting in 142 fewer trailer loads delivered in 2008 alone. With the use of a small extrusion machine, Crutchfield was able to improve their customer relations, their fulfillment processes and their bottom line by utilizing the revolutionary technology supplied by StarchTech’s patented process and the EcoSystem Packaging Solution.

Implementing StarchTech’s on-site production produced the results that Crutchfield was seeking and transformed the way they manage packaging needs at their distribution facility. A key goal was met; Crutchfield’s customers now have an easy-to-dispose packaging material supporting their environmentally friendly initiatives.

Additionally, as Crutchfield’s Senior Director-Distribution Operations, Chris Groseclose states, “Crutchfield decided to launch their starch peanut program in January 2008.  We have been very pleased with the results.” By boosting Crutchfield’s bottom line and providing an environmentally friendly packing material for their customers, StarchTech’s EcoSystem Packaging Solution proved to be a successfully implemented project.


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