Fill Air 2000 Machine by Sealed Air

Create variable cushion sizes with this Fast, Easy, and efficient void fill.

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Fill Air 2000 Machine by Sealed Air

The Fill Air® 2000 is Sealed Air’s premier void fill packaging solution. It creates inflatable packaging on demand, at a speed up to 200 cushions per minute.  Increased speed and throughput make the Fill Air 2000 system the easy choice for on-line packaging operations. You can create six different sizes of inflatable packaging, with the ability to change between 100mm and 200mm at the touch of a button. Their landscape sizes, such as the 300mm x 100mm cushion, fill small voids more efficiently.

Easy to use.

The Fill Air 2000 system features a user-friendly control pad, allowing operators to quickly select the ideal cushion size. Air cushion sizes can be changed in mid-production without changing the film roll, saving time and warehouse space. Maintenance is quick and easy, with sealing components that snap into place.

Ideal for on-line applications.

Integrating the Fill Air 2000 system into a packaging line is simple and efficient. The system is all-electric; no shop air is required, making it easy to install in any packaging operation. The auto-replenishment sensor maintains a constant supply of cushions, ensuring that the material is readily available. The optional material stand allows the operator to position the material directly above the cartons to be packed.

Increase productivity, reduce systems.

One Fill Air 2000 system can support multiple packaging stations of multiple packaging lines. Multiple packaging lines can converge into a single, centralized line serviced by one Fill Air 2000 system. Likewise, material can be collected in bins and distributed to packaging stations, or it can be conveyed through a Sealed Air engineered overhead delivery system.





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