ST-700 and ST-900 Shrink Wrap Systems by Lantech

Lantech Shrink Tunnels produce high-quality packaging by maintaining consistent control of three key elements: airflow, temperature and overall shrink results.

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A shrink wrapping system from Lantech, Inc., can help make the packaging operations in your manufacturing or distribution facility safer and more efficient. With more than 40 years of experience and as a pioneer in the industry, they continually strive to provide the most innovative shrink tunnel available. Their shrink packaging tunnels deliver predictable results by providing even airflow around products and a consistent temperature in the tunnel, eliminating fish eyes, burn outs, dog ears, and wrinkles.

Additionally, their shrink tunnels operate with low air flow and low temperatures, putting lesser demand on the heating elements and helping them to last longer. Plus, their shrink tunnels have no vents, which eliminates clogging. So, even when your operations are running for long durations and at their peak, you can rely on their shrink wrappers to continue producing outstanding packaging results.

Each Lantech shrink wrapping system features:

  • ViewWindow™ – Allows the operator to clearly see products as they are being wrapped.
  • User-friendly control panel – A revolutionary control system that puts circulation, temperature, and conveyor controls conveniently in front of the viewing window.
  • Intuitive function – Their shrink wrappers require minimal training to operate safely and efficiently.

Plus, each Lantech shrink wrapper comes with a three-year, unlimited cycle warranty, and outstanding technical support from a team of dedicated experts who are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They’ll help you choose a model that meets your needs and then they will customize it to work seamlessly within your facility. Once it’s integrated into your shrink wrapping system you’ll enjoy worry-free, maintenance-free operation for years to come. Lantech equipment is designed with durability and reliability in mind, so you can feel confident in its capabilities even during long duration, high peak operations. Efficiency and ease of use are also key features of their shrink systems. With intuitive controls, their shrink tunnels are easily and quickly adjustable, cutting the needed operating skill requirement by up to 80 percent.


Bad packages are caused by poor or uneven heat transfer to the shrink film. Lantech Shrink Tunnels overcomes this to create good packages with convection heating by providing:

  1.  Minimal temperature fluctuations as the heating elements turn on and off.spacer[1]
  2. Consistent, gentle airflow around the product.
  3. Consistent airflow from the front to the back of the tunnel.
  4. Uniform heat transfer to 100% of the film.
  5. A window that lets the operator see the product as it moves through the tunnel.
  6. Controls that are positioned so the operator can adjust what he’s seeing.

Lantech shrink tunnels are reliable. The key reasons are:

  1. Low air velocity and low operating temperatures place low demand on heating elements.
  2. High quality heating elements with long service lives.
  3. No vents to clog from sucking up film scraps and empty film bags.

ST-700 Shrink Tunnel

ST-700 – Base Price: $12,695

Machine Data

Heat System 3 Zones – each zone contains 3,800 watt heater and fan
Maximum Product Size INF L x 18″W x 10″ H
Machine Size (36″ Work Elevation) 72″L x 37″W x 56″H
Shipping Weight 1250 lbs


Production Speed (Varies By Package and Film Type) Up to 70 FPM


Conveyor Type Stainless steel wire belt
Conveyor Speed 0-70 FPM
Effective Conveyor Width 18″ W


Electric 230V, 3ph, 30A, 60Hz

ST-900 Shrink Tunnel

Base Price: $15,295

Machine Data
Heat System 4 Zones – each zone contains 3,800 watt heater and fan
Maximum Product Size Inf L x 18″ x 10″H
Machine Size (36″ Work Elevation) 84″L x 37″W x 56″H
Shipping Weight 1500 lbs
Production Speed (Varies By Package and Film Type) Up to 90 FPM
Conveyor Type Stainless steel wire belt
Conveyor Speed 0-90 FPM
Effective Conveyor Width 18″
Electric 230V, 3ph, 30A, 60Hz



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