Stretch Wrap Solution that Provides Strong and Breathable Wrapping

Spring Meadow Nursery came to Highlight to help fix a problem they were having with shipping live plants. Their pallet loads were falling over during transit, severely damaging their product.

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Stretch Wrap Machine packaging solution

Apart from the extremely high cost of product loss, the damage also threatened their relationships with customers.

An analysis of their transportation issues found that the vented stretch wrap being used was not strong enough for the product and allowed load failure.

Highlight recommended the use of slitted film; rolls of standard film slit within the carriage and stretched as normal. The slitted film was applied to the load in a criss-cross pattern, which provided breathability without sacrificing the film’s strength.

Synergy Slitting System with one adjustable position film slitter and a pair of adjustable film fingers. Creates reinforced bands that provide excellent load holding force and allows for air flow to provide breathability. Designed to be used on loads that required netting and vented films.


  • Load failure during transport was eliminated
  • Satisfied customers and improved product image
  • By replacing vented film with more economical and higher performance traditional stretch film packaging material costs were reduced by over $1,000 per week


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