Tray Wrappers and Shrink Bundlers by Damark

Damark tray wrappers and shrink bundlers are ideal solutions for customers which need to produce moderate to high volumes of strong, attractive multipacks or bundles. Tray wrapping and shrink bundling is more cost effective, puncture resistant, and durable than paperboard packaging whether you just want transparent film for secure handling or printed film for attractive branding.

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Damark solutions include a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic inline systems for efficient and accurate shrink wrapping. Damark tray wrappers and shrink bundlers are available for creating bull’s eye and fully enclosed packages of supported and unsupported products. Damark’s durable and flexible solutions include high speed, continuous motion, right-angle and collating wrappers. All Damark tray wrapping and shrink bundling systems include digital temperature, flow and seal adjustment. All systems provide quick product changeover, wrapping adjustment and easy film loading. Popular features and options include product upstacking, broken seal alarms, print registration, increased seal opening, low film indicators, inline product pushers, multi-lane infeeds, and extended conveyors.

B 180 Series | Tray Wrappers & Sleeve Wrappers

The Damark B-180 Series of tray wrappers and sleeve wrappers are fully automatic, in-line shrink wrap systems with roller/belt infeed conveyors, photo-cell product sensing, automatically operating pneumatic sealing heads, and motorized product discharge conveyors. They range in size from their smallest unit, which comes with a 24” wide seal head, to their largest unit, which comes with a 74” wide seal head. This range of sizes allows them to offer you the perfect size machine to suit your applications needs. All of their wrappers can be matched with their SZ & DZ Shrink Tunnels.

The Damark B-180CM Continuous Motion Wrapper is a shrink wrap system designed to shrink wrap trays of products, boxes, printed products, and other supported products. On a 12” long product, speeds of up to 40 packages per minute are easily achievable.

The Damark B-180HS Series are fully automatic, in-line high speed tray wrappers with an integrated separation infeed system, photo-cell product sensors with high/low speed anticipators, air infused pneumatic seal heads, and automatic product discharge conveyors. Speeds of up to 30 packages per minute are achievable depending on your product size.

Popular applications include; trays of cans, bottles, and industrial products, newspapers, appliances, stacks of rubber mats, boxed candy, pizza boxes, egg cartons, bundles of gas cans, wine kits, insulation, knock down furniture, to name a few.

Popular machine options include; product upstacking, broken seal alarm, increased seal open for tall products, low film indicator, inline product pushers, and extended infeed & discharge conveyors.


  • Rugged welded tubular steel frame.
  • Top and bottom inline film cradles.
  • Capacity to hold two rolls of 12” film.
  • Low film Alert, Film Break with Audio Alarm.
  • 34” seal frame with a 14” standard opening mounted in a continuous-motion seal carriage.
  • Top and bottom low inertia film dancer bar system with easy threading feature.
  • NEMA 12 Electrical cabinet with a lockable through the door main circuit breaker.
  • Mitsubishi PLC, Operator Interface & Servos.
  • Guarding and Finish: Clear polycarbonate hinged doors with electrical interlocks. Sherwin Williams 2 part epoxy with stainless steel pigments.
  • Available Options: Casters, Film Jib Crane, Infeed Pacing Conveyor, Tray Turner, Pass Through Mode, NEMA 4 & 4X Construction
  • Electrical Power Requirements: 220V, 3Ph
  • Pneumatic Power Requirements: None.

Product Specifications

  • Width (across machine): 8” to 26”
  • Length (flow direction): Min 6”
  • Height Range: Up to 20”

Film Specifications

  • Film Roll Diameter: up to 12”Film Gauge: 1.5 to 3.0 mil
  • Film Type: Low density polyethylene
  • Film Roll Width: Up to 30 in
  • Other Film Specifications: Clear or randomly printed
  • Core of film roll – up to 3″

B 90 Series | Shrink Bundlers

The Damark B-90 Series are fully automatic shrink bundling systems designed to shrink wrap unsupported products and products that require collation. These units have an automatic product infeed conveyor that feeds either from right or left of machine, micro switch product sensing, a pneumatic seal head, and motorized product discharge conveyors.

These Damark B-90 shrink bundlers can be set up to work in one of the following three configurations;

  • Single Row Collating / 90 degree product turn: One line of product is pushed through the film at a 90 degree angle.
  • Multi-Row Collating with Product Pusher: One line of product is collated one a row at a time and then is pushed through the film at a 90 degree angle.
  • Multi-Lane Infeed Collating: One line of product is feed onto the infeed conveyor and then separated into multiple rows before it is pushed through the film at a 90 degree angle

Popular applications include: multi 6, 12, 24 and 30 packs of refreshments (i.e. water & juice), pharmaceutical products, bundles of paper and plastics bags (i.e. sugar, pet food, flour), boxes (i.e. industrial components, food), magazines

Available Options: Print registration. Package clamps. Broken Seal Alarm. Increased Product Openings. Low Film indicator. Multi-lane infeeds. All of their wrappers can be matched with their SZ and DZ Shrink Tunnels.

B Series | Semi-Automatic Shrink Bundlers

The Damark B Series of shrink bundlers, tray wrappers, and sleeve wrappers are semi-automatic models equipped with dead plate infeed tables, twin safety push-button controls, air operated sealing heads and automatic motorized product discharge conveyors.

An operator pushes product across a dead plate and through the film. Once the package is in place the operator activates the packaging cycle by depressing two buttons. A popular optional feature is their manual product pusher kit, which allows you to wrap both supported and unsupported products.

The B Series is offered with three different seal heads to suit your specific application; 24”, 34”, and 44”. All of their wrappers can be matched with their SZ & DZ Shrink Tunnels.


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