Pregis to Start Charging Fees for Machine Placements

Pregis will start charging a fee for packaging machine placements starting in July. Monthly usage fees will be issued for new placements of air cushion machines, paper systems and sheeters. Previous installation mods made by Pregis field technicians will be be subject to an hourly service charge.

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Pregis to start charging monthly user fee for machine placements

Historically, customers pay for the consumable materials to operate the packaging systems, but do not pay for the equipment which is installed in their facility.  Capturing usage fees will help support the development of next-generation protective packaging systems, while helping to recoup a small portion of the equipment and service costs.  Routine, preventative maintenance will continue to be provided free of charge to insure optimal equipment performance.

“Pregis continues to make significant investments in research and development and service platforms to insure that its protective packaging equipment leads the industry in providing solutions. In order to maintain the level of innovation we’ve brought to the market over the past several years, it has become necessary to assign cost to the equipment placed in a customer’s facility,” said Sean Condon, executive vice president of sales, Pregis.

Protection and speed-to-market have become increasingly important as a result of online ordering and parcel shipping growth. This means that performance and productivity are driving packaging decisions more now than ever before.  Pregis’ goal is to continue to engineer systems that add value to its customers’ operating efficiency in a cost-effective manner.


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