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FOAMplus Mini Foam In Bag Packaging System

FOAMplus® Mini Foam-in-Bag System is a complete stand alone workstation. It requires very little space and can be operated on a table in your Shipping Department. With the simple touch of a button, using five different preset volume settings, Operators can quickly create a variety of foam filled bags to support the packaging needs in shipping rooms, multiple pack stations, and even the production department.

Specialized application engineers of Storopack ensure that the entire work flow takes place in keeping with economic and ergonomic principles (working comfort) in order to constantly improve the customers’ protective packaging process. The Packaging Division is represented by locations in North America, Europe and Asia. The products are available through Storopack subsidiaries worldwide.

Bags available in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Tube. For oversized items, a Manual mode option can be used. Lightweight, FOAMplus® Mini System can be easily transferred from one packing area to another location in your plant. No special power requirements.

FOAMplus® Mini Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to protect all size and shapes of finished goods – Superior Protection
  • Designed for Low to Medium User – Minimal Start-up Cost
  • Predetermined volume settings – Easy to Use
  • Two moving parts – Minimal Downtime
  • No Chemical Drum Changeover or Disposal
  • Small footprint – Flexibility of Locations
  • 110v Power
  • No Solvent – Improved Envirnmental Position
  • Light Weight – Easily Transportable
  • Service Contract optional – Transparent Cost / pack

FOAMplus® Mini System molding process

FOAMplus® Mini System makes it easy to produce your own custom packaging on-demand. The molding systems are easy to use and can produce up to 13 cushions per minute. As they are formed, the FOAMplus® Mini System cushions can simply be placed directly into the packaging carton around the product and the package is ready to go.


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